Overcoming fear:

How to move from fear to resourcefulness using the tools of the brain



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Today’s Podcast Soul Talk-Interview special guest LIVE from Florida USA:

Scott W Mills The Brain Trainer


Our theme to guide you through the corona-crises:
Moving from fear to resourcefulness using the tools of the brain

We are talking about our experiences, not only as mentors, but also as humans, how fear arises, how we can deal with it better and why we can despite feel safe.

Even with small things and the help of our brain we can transform fear to resourcefulness to be centred and focused again.

Scott will also invite us to his “Wonder Walk”, which brings you into the aboundance of life, gives you new perspectives and automatically makes the corona virus appear small.

We talk about the invitaion of Corona to see the world in a new perspectiv, what we can learn and do better.

We conducted the interview in English and therefore I produced two podcast episodes today, one with a German intro and the interview in English and a complete episode in English.

Great tah you are here.

Please take care of yourself. May you be happy and healthy and stay!

You are not allone!
I’am here for you.


Deine Annett Burmester



angst überwinden



angst überwinden


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