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Premium BUSINESS Channeling

Your professional FULFILLMENT
is already waiting for you!

Annett Burmester

It’s time!

You have received the calling of your soul to
live your WHY you are on this world?

Enjoy the new EASE of your HAPPY SUCCESS
with your soul!

Awake as a leader!

Awaken your potential!
Step in your true greatness and become the
happiest version of yourself.

Experience yourself as a gift
for the world, because you will do so much GOOD
and have so much to GIVE with your uniqueness.

Meet your Soul, your
Fulfillment- & Success-

Arrive in life!

From now on you can
only do what you love, that’s
why you’re here for.

Because you make happy and
finance your dream life, this
that is part of your
soul purpose.

Here you will learn
everything about your professional fulfillment and purpose,
Your WHY.

The New Age has started.

Forget about working hard.
Do only what you love,
because that’s why you’re here.

Enrich the world with your gift,
that’s what you have it for.

Time is mature and you to enjoy the
new lightness of your happy success
and abundance.

You can stop searching
you can give now.

with your soul mission
and mission!

Your soul has prepared everything for you and equipped you with everything you need for it, your potential with your gift.

In just
1 Session!

incl. Mastermind
(Universe + Soul)

For you
as an independent leader*
of the new age,
who invests in herself and
only wants the best.

*Solopreneur & Entrepreneur

Are you ready for your NEXT LEVEL in Business und the New Age?

Get your soul and unique soul mission channeled with your happily successful soul business, your dream clients, your wonderful mission and your unrivaled USP … the combination of all your talents and more.

Live your

You sucess is already waiting for you!

Do good with what you love
& awake the happy successful leader in you!

Your soul knows how and with what.

Seelenaufgabe soul mission

Become the happiest leader you know with your soul mission!

Your time is NOW!

You know you are destined for more
than you have lived?

This feeling that something big is waiting for you is getting stronger and stronger. You finally want to know with which unique soul mission you will find your fulfillment, develop your full potential to happily succeed with your soul business to make the world a better place?

You want to know your success NAVI soul with
all your talents to live your WHY,
do GOOD and GIVE, finally arrive in life, live your
soul plan, means your dream life?

Let’s do it!

Maybe you already have an idea and need confirmation or have a business that you want to „refresh“ and upgrade according to your soul plan BIG SOUL VISION + MISSION?

Or do you want to start from scratch and found
your own company or start-up?

Here’s how:


Discover what wonderful
soul mission your soul has
created for you.

Get to know your

AND that’s how I discovered it:

Read my SOUL MISSION Story

It was the year 2007 when I received my calling.

At that time I was a creative director in the design and communications industry, self-employed since 2000, very successful, earning a lot of money and living in a beautiful loft in Hamburg Rotherbaum … everything you could wish for, except for a partner, but I didn’t have time for that. Working 16/7 was quite normal for me in the business.

One day I came home late again and that’s when it happened. I was sitting at my long kitchen table made of teak. Suddenly I asked myself if I was happy and from my deepest inner self came the answer „No.“. It was so clear and obvious that my mind and co. didn’t dare to contradict.

At that time I did not know that this was my soul speaking to me. I sat there and didn’t understand the world anymore. I always thought that this was what I wanted to do. But if I had been honest, I would have listened to my feeling long ago, which was getting stronger and louder: „…there’s much more waiting for me in my life, something really big.“

Today I am incredibly grateful to my soul. It was my wake-up call to become happy, because I started to live my WHY, my soul mission.

I knew with my workload I would never figure out what that was supposed to be. So I allowed myself some time off and started my soul journey, the journey to myself. I went to Cape Town alone to find out what the purpose of my life is, WHY I am in this world and what my uniqueness and true greatness is, I would never have thought that being a successful CHANNEL is my purpose, an extraordinary GIFT, a Soul and Self Love Expert, Ambassador of the Universe and Souls, Soul&Life Coach, Author, Podcaster and YouTuber to help other wonderful leaders, like you, find their unique and successful Soul Purpose on Top their Soulmate MR. RIGHT to live self-determined, fulfilled, happy and successful their most beautiful life, their soul purpose  as well.
At that time spirituality was for me as a successful creative director with a leadership-oriented mindset, mumbo jumbo.

Only when I started to understand that it is no coincidence that we are in this world, but that we are here to do something specific, to cause and to move, to give and to change, something that comes from our heart and therefore from our soul, something that serves others and makes our world a better place, I understood the meaning of our life and how important it is to know and live one’s soul purpose. Because this fulfills and makes not only ourselves happy, because we can finally do what we love, but also others, because we do so much GOOD with it and GIVE.

I have arrived at my professional fulfillment, living and loving my BIG SOUL VISION and MISSION of my soul Isie.

You can do that too!

You are going to love your soul mission und business!


Your soul is not here to be small, but big and successful! Because of it your soul has equipped you with very special abilities, your potential, whose importance and dimension you were not aware of yet. You will hardly believe that this is your Potential, because it is so easy for you to do.

This unique gift, the combination of your talents, is your specialty, medicine or also essence with which you are become very successful, because it is your birthright. It is urgently needed and others are already eagerly waiting for it, your desired customers.

You already have
everything inside

Step into leadership and bring your mission to the world.

annett burmester potenzial

Success is your birthright!

With your soul mission you unite everything,
what you love, your talent and gifts.

Activate your creative power, become in harmony with your soul
happy successful, give and earn what you are worth!

You will be thrilled which soul mission incl. soul business your soul has created for you and what success navigator she is, what you will move and bring and what your WHY is about to be here.
The confirmation of your professional fulfillment and purpose you will feel in your heart. It will be as if now finally something may be lived, which has been dormant in you for a long time. It will far exceed your imagination in its dimension and size.

Your soul has designed your soul purpose, your 100% tailor-made for your self-determined, fulfilled, happy and successful life and your soul mission is there to enable you to do that by doing what you love.

Premium* Channeling Coaching:


01 Session (single areas**):

Because of my special medial gift I channel you as a soul expert your unique and unrivaled soul mission with your successful soul business, your WHY with your mission. You get to know your soul, feel your clients and together we develop your absolute dream and soul business, because your soul has already prepared everything.

My more than 30 years of brand experience and conceptual expertise from the design and communications industry flow naturally into the consulting and the clarity of my Master >> Metatron.

  • BIG SOUL VISION + MISSION (your WHY + Calling)
  • Soul Connection + Name of Soul
  • Soul as Navigator of Success
  • Soul Mission + Business
  • Next Level Business
  • Unique Gift (Talent) + Potential
  • Titel + Description
  • Soul Marketing (Soul USP/ESP + Positioning + Personal Brand)
  • Offer + Conzept (Idea)
  • Target Group Customer Magnet
  • Prospects for Success + FutureVision
  • Special Mastermind with Universe und Soul, Soul- und Brain-Storming
  • Clarity
  • Imagination-Proof + Self-Image-Booster
  • Success-Affirmation
  • Next Steps (Action Plan)
  • More than 10 Years Soul-Expert
  • More than 30 Years Brand Competence
  • Coaching, Tips and Consultation

02 Session PLUS

Session PLUS includes in addition to your Soul Mission my SELF-EMPOWERING Special Channeling, where we free your potential from inner blockages and limiting belief patterns for your success and more … you empower yourself and create your success mindset for your transformation to your true YOU.  >> SELF-EMPOWERMENT Special Channeling

My SELF-EMPOWERING Special Channeling Session you can book extra at any time.



This session is a Special Mentoring, because you get not only me as a Mastermind and Mentor, but also the Universe and the Soul (Spiritual Mastermind „Group“). I (we) support you with all my expert knowledge, my gift as a channel and creative source in your soul mission and your soul business (setup, next level, offers etc.). It is also a true self-esteem booster, for strengthening your self-confidence and self-assurance for more self-love, because you need that as well for your happy success. The more you love yourself and know what you are worth, the more successful you will be.

Are you already my client, just send me an email with with subject „MENTORING Business“ and your und Deinem request to


*My Premium Channeling Coaching are always exclusively and individually customized to you, because you are a unique soul.

And this is how it works …


Your get-to-know-you and clarity talk:

First, we have a free get-to-know-you and clarity talk (first interview) via Zoom to get to know each other. We decide what is the best offer for you and if we want to work together. I will also answer all your questions about the process of your Premium Channeling Coaching.

Please be so kind and fill out the application form (see below).


Your Premium Channeling Coaching:

Your Session(s) we lead via Zoom and you will receive an audio recording on request.


I will send you the zoom-invitation link to our meeting in advance by mail and it will lead you directly to our digital meeting.
Your Premium Channeling or Channeling Coaching incl. conversations and consultation is only valid with prior payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Of course you will receive an invoice.


Wich Channeling is yours?



SOUL MISSION Soul Business Premium
Channeling Coaching

90 Min. Session


60 + 30* Min. Session


€ 1.997,-

€ 1.797,- 

incl. VAT (Germany)


This intensive and exclusive SOUL MISSION Soul Business Premium Channeling Coaching is a true self-esteem and success booster.

You learn who your soul is and what your soul mission is, your WHY YOU are in this world with your BIG SOUL VISION and MISSION.

I channel for you and coach you. Together we create the **single areas (see above) according to your heart’s desires and the concept idea of your unique Soul BUSINESS (Special Mastermind Soul- and Brain-Storming) and discuss the Next Steps (Action Plan).

In addition, we activate your vision power, i.e. you will already be allowed to experience yourself with your soul mission. We will bring you into the right vibration of your energy, which is enormously important for your implementation and success (Imagination-Proof + Self-Image-Booster) … Law of Attraction and Vibration.
My more than 10 years of knowledge and experience as a soul expert and my more than 30 years of brand competence are an essential part of your Premium Channeling Coaching.

On top we develop your success affirmation for your daily support.

*redeemable within one month

SOUL MISSION + Self-Empowerment

Session PLUS

(2-3 Sessions)


Soul Business
Channeling Coaching

90 Min. Session


60 + 30* Min. Session

(s. Soul Mission Session)



Your PLUS:

+ 80 Min. Session
Channeling Coaching

€ 2.997,-

€ 2.497,-

incl. VAT (Germany)


With this intensive and exclusive Special SELF-EMPOWERENT Session you confidently reclaim your power. You not only free yourself and your potential from your blocks, limiting beliefs and negative emotions of your past, but you also recognize it and strengthen your self-esteem at the same time – a true self-love and self-worth booster. You empower yourself and create your success mindset for your transformation to your true YOU.

>> Special SELF-EMPOWERMENT + Self-Love Channeling Coaching

*redeemable within one month



with Universe and Soul


You know your Soul Mission! 

Channeling Coaching

60 Min. Session


€ 1.297,- 

incl. VAT (Germany)


A Special Mentoring incl. Mastermind „Group“ of the special style, because you get not only me as a Mastermind and Mentor, but also the universe and the soul.

Spiritually and pragmatically I (we) support you with my brain and knowledge, my source of creativity and gift as a channel, more than 10 years of knowledge and experience as a soul expert, as well as with my more than 30 years in brand competence for your personal brand, perfect offer, happy successful soul business to bring it to the next level and more … incl. self-esteem booster for more self-confidence and self-assurance for the stabilization of your self-love, elementary for your happy success.

IMPORTANT - Please read!

These SOUL MISSION Soul Business Premium Channeling Coaching change not only your business, but also your life! How much, you ultimately determine.

In the end you as the creator of your life always decide whether you want to accept and implement the information and if you are ready to „jump“ for your success or not. Living your soul mission with your soul business means being in full confidence to go your way, because of this you will also receive the incredible support of the universe, which is truly magical.

In order to achieve the best possible result, you have to bring personal responsibility (self-responsibility) beforehand and be ready to work on yourself, because you determine your success!

Please do not be disappointed if you get different answers than you hoped for. Remember, it is always for your good, often much more significant and in retrospect even much better than you can think and imagine now. Everything happens for your best. Maybe your soul task with your soul business and your BIG SOUL VISION and MISSION will scare you a bit at first because it seems so big, but don’t worry, this is normal. We have simply never seen ourselves in our true size until now.

Externals are open to interpretation and so please keep your generosity and openness to the surprises of the universe, because everything happens for your good. Names and designations transmitted during a channeling may differ. A check for trademark law and spelling is done by you. A channeling is not a naming, a legal advice or a medical consultation, but a spiritual consultation.

It can happen that your change will not please everyone. This can happen because of fear losing you, you might forget them on your way to your true greatness.

Are you ready?


Please be so kind and fill out the application form. I will contact you for your

Your free get-to-know and clarity interview!


I am looking forward to you!

Live your uniqueness, you are a gift. The world need you NOW!


Annett Isie* Burmester

*meine Seele

Application form for your SOUL MISSION Soul Business

Which Premium Channeling Coaching is yours?

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Your declaration of consent: I am aware that I myself am responsible for my actions and decisions, my success and process, as well as for my life and happiness. A channeling is a free, active and self-responsible spiritual process. I am also aware that the human being can decide differently than the soul, due to unconscious fears, blockages, beliefs etc. and this can turn out differently as I wish. Externals are open to interpretation and so I keep my generosity and openness to the surprises of the universe, because everything happens for my good. Names and designations transmitted during a channeling may differ. A check for trademark law and spelling is done by me. A channeling is not a naming, a legal advice or a medical consultation or, but a self-contained spiritual consultation.

DSGVO (General data protection regulation): Note to the contact form: I need your name to be able to address you and your email address to be able to answer you. The more precisely you make your request, the more effectively I can respond. Privacy Policy your request will be encrypted. You agree that I can use the information to answer your request. Further information on data protection and revocation information can be found in the menu under DATA PROTECTION (DATENSCHUTZ).

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