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The shortcut to your

successful life.

Soul Marketing:
“Forget about working hard. Only do what you enjoy!“

Discover your Calling and what successfully

gift you are for the world.

Just in 1 Session!

Live your Soul Mission and

what you are here to do, the

combination of your talents.

Become unstoppably

successful with your unique

Soul Business and your

Deam Clients on top.

Become a magnet of success!

Success is your birthright!

Live your full potential and change the world with your passion and mission.

The world needs you!

Your SOUL MISSION is made for you to be

unstoppably sucessful!


You are smart, tough and talented.

You have the feeling that something much bigger is waiting for you.

Something you can’t imagine yet because it’s so big and important for the world.

You know it must be related to your Soul & Life Purpose.


The time has come:

You want to know what your Soul Mission is and what are you here to do.

You want to stopp working hard and manipulation success.

You want to live a happy, fullfilled and successfully life, your deam life.

You want to make a difference in the world.

Let’s do it!

Your SOUL MISSION is waiting for you.


Discover your Soul Mission

and your full potential!

Your Soul Mission, success and dream customers are

already waiting for you!

Maybe you are the next Bestseller Author, an incredibal successful coach because of your uniquness …
maybe you will start your
international Business Academy or your own TV show?

As I moved alone from Hamburg to Cape Town in 2007 to discover what I am here to do, my WHY, I would never had thought that I am a CHANNEL successfully on top.

I never tough that my Soul Mission would be to be the ambassador of the universe and become a Soul Expert and Coach to help others to discover their Soul Mission to l create as well a happy, fulfilled and successfully life, to live their Soul Purpose. Back than I was creative director in the design and communication industry with a performance-mindset and for me spirituality was nonsense.

Since I started to understand there is a reason why we are on earth, there is a reason why we are equipped with such a unique potential our incredible talents and skills, there is a reason why we have a passion and a message, it changed my life. 

Say YES to your Soul Mission and you will start your Dream Life!

You are on earth to…

  • be in service for the world
  • make the world to a better place
  • be happy, fullfilled and unstoppably successful
  • make history
  • be magnificence
  • activate your potential and greatness
  • live your SOUL MISSION and become the best version of yourself!

Success is your birthright!

Your potential is your tool to be successful. You soul prepaed evreything for you to be who you are and to do what you love to do, becoming the best version of yourself. You don’t have to manipulate to be successful, you are success because you are in your frequency, in your energy. Affluence shows up with your incredible opportunities and you will not making it happened you making it welcome.

You just have to say YES to your real greatness, activate your potential and set it free to be the gift you are here for. The universe and your soul, your success and your dream customers, your happy, fulfilled and successfully life is already waiting for you. A life that is much better you have ever dreamed of.

You have everything in you – Bring your mission into the world – You are here to shine!

annett burmester potenzial

 Are you ready for your

Soul Mission?

Let’s do a Soul Reading and SOUL MISSION Channeling-Coaching.

In my channeling-coaching-sessions I am going to connect with your soul and channel your soul’s purpose in business with your unique potential, we are developing the idea of your business concept, identifying your dream customers, creating your offer and having a look at your future prospects.

You will also participate of my more than 30 years brand and conceptual expertise.

My Channeling-Coachings are always exclusive and individually created for you.


This is how we do it …


Your Clarity Talk:

Before we start the channeling I would like to invite you having a clarity talk on Zoom for free. We will know each other better and can decide if we want to work together. I will also answer your questions about the channeling session.


Your Channeling-Coaching-Session:

We manage your session via Zoom and you can receive an audio recording on request.


I will send you the link to our meeting in advance by email and this will lead you directly to our digital meeting room on Zoom. Your session is only valid if you pay in advance. You can make the payment via PayPal (credit card) or by bank transfer. Please let me know.




60 Min.
SOUL MISSION Channeling-Coaching

€ 997,-

incl. Tax (MwSt.)

+ Soul Purpose
Soul Mission
+ Business Concept
+ Dream Clients
(Target Group)
+ Future Prospects


A SOUL MISSION channeling-coaching will not only change your business, it will affects your whole life! How deep depends on you

As the creator of your life, you will always decide whether you want to accept and implement the information, whether you are ready to „jump out of your comfort zone to say yes“ for your success or not. To live your Soul Purpose means to be in full confidence to go your way and you will get the incredible support of the universe, which is really magical.

Please don’t be disappointed if you will get an other answer than you hoped for. Remember, it is always for your best interest and highest good. It will be even much more better than you could ever imagine. Maybe the BIG VISION of your soul for you will make you a little scared at first, but don’t worry, that’s normal. We have never seen each other in our true greatness.

It can be that your change will not make everybody’s happy, because of being afraid losing you or because of jealousy. But never forget: It’s your life and your birthright to live a happy, fullfilling and successful life.


Get to know WHY you are on earth!


✅ Book your Clarity Talk for FREE!


Just fill out the application form and I will get in touch with you.

I am looking forward meeting you!

You are such a gift for the world. It’s time to shine.


Yours Annett Burmester

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