Premium Channeling Coaching

4 Modules

Soul Mission . Soulmate . Self-Empowering

Annett Burmester



Experience yourself
as a WONDER!

You have received your calling?

It’s time
to live your soul purpose and
become the happiest version of yourself!

You are already expected!

Become MAGIC!

Your soul wants you to go NOW
into your true greatness to live your WHY the meaning of your life.

It is no coincidence that you are here!

Awaken the creator in you! 

You are here to live your full potential
and create a self-determined, fulfilled, happy
and successful life.

You may decide NOW, how you want to live and
create it according to your heart’s desires.

Therefore treat yourself to your most
beautiful life and live your soul purpose.

Fall in love with yourself, your soulmate,
your soul mission and your life.

Let the MAGIC happens!

Ready for your CALLING and NEXT LEVEL in life?

Let’s channel your great soul purpose 
with your soul mission and your soulmate, treat yourself to your self-empowerment and an extra portion of self-love for your absolute dream life.

Live Your


Become a love and success magnet!

Experience yourself as a
gift for the world.

Either-or is over!

You can have everything now.

For you
as an independent leader
of the new age,
who invests in herself and wants
only the best!

The New Age needs YOU!


Your soul purpose allows you to live the new lightness of your being and abundance.

Your customized for your happy
 and fulfilled life!

You know you are destined for higher,
because you have so much more to GIVE?

This feeling that something big is waiting for you
is getting stronger and stronger. You finally want to know with which unique task and mission you will find your fulfillment, develop your full potential to happily succeed with your soul business to make the world
a better place?


You are tired of MR. WRONG.
You finally want MR. RIGHT  your soulmate and
100% match in love. This special person, who is destined for you, to live true love at eye level, where you can
finally be, as you are and be loved for it?

You no longer want to be held back by limiting ways of thinking, seeing and believing, by blockades or anything else to live your happiness. You want to finally get to know your potential and free it to unfold and live it?


You finally want to live your DREAM life,
a fulfilled and happy life created by yourself and accorded to your wishes?


AND you also want to give yourself an extra portion of self-love, because you know that this is the basis for your self-determined, fulfilled, happy and successful life?

You want everything and only the BEST?

Let’s do it!

Let’s channel your wonderful soul purpose
‚MAGIC ME‘ and manifest your absolute DREAM LIFE.

Discover what wonderful
soul purpose your soul has
has created for you.

Get to know your
in love and in business.

AND that’s how I discovered it:

Read my SOUL PURPOSE Story

The desire to finally get to know the meaning of our own life, our WHY we are in this world, I know very well.
To find out, I followed my intuition in 2007 and allowed myself some time off in Cape Town. It was a journey to myself and one of the greatest gifts I could give myself.

I did not only discover my self-love, elementary for a happy life, but I also finally got to know my great soul Isie and the wonderful soul purpose she created for me and us. She endowed me with such enormous potential and gave me such an extraordinary GIFT, for which I am incredibly grateful, because it is for me the most beautiful I could get. I am a CHANNEL and on this world to channel exactly that for my customers, i.e. soul plans, the tailor-made for a fulfilled and happy life with the unique and unrivaled soul task, the successful soul business AND that’s not all, because I may also channel the 100% match in love, the soul partner MR. RIGHT (soulmate, dual soul, twin soul) to draw this into life.

In addition, I freed myself from limiting thinking, views and beliefs that were in my way of my happiness. And with this and may also help my customers.

I have found my WHY and it is a great honor for me to support others to live their most beautiful life as self-determined, fulfilled, happy and successful, namely their dream life and soul plan.

In 2012 I came back to Hamburg because of love. Since then I live happily successful together with my soulmate Lutz and enjoy myself as a WONDER and gift for this world, because I can do so much GOOD and GIVING.

Allow yourself to be MAGIC ME – Living my Soul Greatness.

Your soul shows you your true greatness.

You will be thrilled!

As a channel and ambassador of the universe & souls I connect with your soul, the soul of your soulmate (dual soul, twin soul) and the universe, where all the knowledge about you and your life is stored. I transmit your answers as a pure channel with the clarity of my master >> Metatron so that you can joyfully and easily live your soul purpose with your unique and unrivaled soul mission, your successful soul business with your soulmate MR. RIGHT, your BIG SOUL VISION.
I will open the door to your undreamt-of possibilities and show you your true greatness. You will be thrilled, what potential is in you and what all wonderful is already waiting for you to finally be lived.

Because of my special psychic gift, we make this possible. My over 30 years of brand experience and conceptual expertise from the design and communications industry is part of the consultation, as well as my over 10 years as a soul expert and as a soulmate and soul partnership expert & coach. 

Your soul has designed your soul purpose, your 100% tailor-made for your self-determined, fulfilled, happy and successful life.

Your SOUL PURPOSE Premium* Channeling Coaching PROGRAMM:

My 4 modules system for you!


Special „Free Yourself“

80 Min. Session

€ 997,-

In this Premium Channeling Coaching you will experience how powerful and lovable you are, because you find out the cause and this helps you to change your past according to your wishes and to recognize your self-worth. You meet your inner child and your soul (higher self).

I guide you together with the Uniserum through this session and we help you to release your inner blockages including success and money blockages, fears, jealousy and limiting beliefs (patterns) that you have developed unconsciously. You will recognize your potential, your uniqueness and your power to use it consciously for yourself. We will detoxify your mindset, clarify connections, causes and effects, change relationships and perspectives, heal old wounds, negative energy patterns and your inner child, so that your high vibrational and positive energy can flow again. It is a transformation of your self-empowerment and soul.
You free yourself from burdens and guilt to ancestral and soul issues for your fulfillment, inner peace, self-determination and awareness, happiness and success in life, business and love.

EMPOWER YOURSELF – Get back your power as a creator and activate your self-love of greatness.

For more information:

>> SELF-EMPOWERMENT + Self-Love Premium Channeling Coaching


SOUL MISSION Soul Business

90 Min. Session

€ 1.997,-

If we have already channeled your soul mission, we will take this module out of your program.

In this Premium Channeling Coaching I channel your soul and success navigator with your unique and unrivaled soul mission with your successful soul business and USP, your WHY.
You get to know your soul, feel your clients and together we develop your absolute dream and soul business, because your soul has already prepared everything.

My more than 30 years of brand experience and conceptual expertise from the design and communications industry is part of the consultation and the clarity of my master >> Metatron.

CALLING YOUR SOUL – Only do what you love.

For more information:

>> SOUL MISSION Premium Channeling Coaching



  • BIG SOUL VISION + MISSION (your WHY + Calling)
  • Soul Connection + Name of Soul
  • Soul as Navigator of Success 
  • Soul Mission + Business
  • Next Level Business
  • Unique Gift (Talent) + Potential
  • Titel + Description
  • Soul Marketing (Soul USP/ESP + Positioning + Personal Brand)
  • Offer + Conzept (Idea)
  • Target Group Customer Magnet
  • Prospects for Success + FutureVision
  • Special Mastermind with Universe und Soul, Soul- und Brain-Storming
  • Clarity
  • Imagination-Proof + Self-Image-Booster
  • Success-Affirmation
  • Next Steps (Action Plan)
  • More than 10 Years Soul-Expert
  • More than 30 Years Brand Competence
  • Coaching, Tips and Consultation



40 Min. Session

€ 497,-

If you are already together with your soulmate or if we have channeled him, we will take this module out of your program.

In this Premium Channeling Coaching I connect with the soul of your soulmate MR. RIGHT*. This soulmate channeling is special, because you can already get to know him, if not already done and ask him all your questions. You will be able to recognize him better.

We also, together with the universe, send out your soulmate love energy. It has an attracting or also supporting effect, depending on what you need to come together at the right time. And you will get an Imagination-Proof.

If you already know him, we will find out in this way if it is him and how it will go on with you both or what is going on there and needed, the Soulparter-CHECK.

ALLOW YOURSELF MR. RIGHT* – Love happily and at eye level.

For mor information:

>> SOULMATE Premium Channeling Coaching



  • Soulmate MR. RIGHT
  • Soulmate CHECK
  • Soulmate Relationship
  • Manifestation
  • Soul Connection
  • Soulmate Dating
  • Activation Soulmate-Love-Energy (Love-Magnet)
  • Self-Love + Self-Esteem- + Self-Worth-Booster (Uniqueness)
  • Clarity
  • Imagination-Proof + Self-Image-Booster
  • Next Steps (Action Plan)
  • Expected Future Prospects**
  • Over 10 Years Soulmate- and Soul Partnership Expert & Coach
  • Coaching, Tips and Consultation


**Expected Future Prospects: The universe leaves the getting-to-know-you period open to avoid stress and give room to love magic.



Design your DREAM LIFE!
Soul Purpose

Coaching-Assignment + 60 Min. Session

€ 1.297,-


Before we start with this session you will receive your written coaching assignment ‚MAGIC ME‘ Design Your DREAM LIFE as homework. You will send it to me 2 days before the session. It is an important component and foundation of MODULE 04.


In this Premium Channeling Coaching we finalize and manifest your absolute dream life and your ‚MAGIC ME‘. You now know your soul, your soul mission M-02 and your soulmate M-03, be aware of your self-empowerment M-01 and now it’s time to create your DREAM LIFE overall concept DESIGN YOUR DREM LIFE M-04, i.e. your wonderful soul purpose. In a meditation you will get your Self-Image-Booster because of your Imagination-Proof. We will also set the Next-Step Action-Plan and you will get the ‚Last Kick‘. If there is anything left to change or even release, we’ll do that too.
My Premium Channeling Coachings are always very individual and unique, I am excited to see what else wonderful things we will do in this session. And if you like, you will even become a success and love magnet all along the line.

On Top: I will help you to create your own personal affirmation DREAM LIFE, which will support you for the next 30 days and will work wonders.

You will be thrilled what miracle you are and what great soul purpose your soul has created for you. Your tailor-made for your self-determined, fulfilled, happy and successful life.

MAGIC ME – Living my Soul Greatness.

*My Premium Channeling Coaching are always exclusively and individually customized to you, because you are a unique soul.


And this is how it works …



Your get-to-know-you and clarity talk:

First, we have a free get-to-know-you and clarity talk (first interview) via Zoom to get to know each other. We decide what is the best offer for you and if we want to work together. I will also answer all your questions about the process of your Premium Channeling Coaching.

Please be so kind and fill out the application form (see below).



Your Premium Channeling Coaching Program:

Your Session(s) we lead via Zoom and you will receive an audio recording on request.


I will send you the zoom-invitation link to our meeting in advance by mail and it will lead you directly to our digital meeting.
Your Premium Channeling or Channeling Coaching incl. conversations and consultation is only valid with prior payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Of course you will receive an invoice.


MAGIC ME – Living my Soul Greatness

Program 01


  • Soul Mission
  • Soulmate
  • Self-Empowering
  • DREAM LIFE Design
    + Assignment

Premium Channeling Coaching Program

Your customized for your absolute DREAM LIFE!

4 Modules in 1-2 Month

€ 4.788,-

€ 3.997,-

incl. VAT (Germany)


MAGIC ME – Living my Soul Greatness

Program 02


  • Soul Mission OR Soulmate
  • Self-Empowering
  • DREAM LIFE Design
    + Assignment


Soul Mission OR Soulmate Channeling Coaching!

Premium Channeling Coaching Program

Your customized for your absolute DREAM LIFE!

3 Modules in 1-2 Month


Program 02-1

Without MODULE 02 Soul Mission!

€ 2.791,-

€ 2.297,-

incl. VAT (Germany)

Programm 02-2

Without MODULE 03 Soulmate!

€ 4.291,-

€ 3.597,-

incl. VAT (Germany)


MAGIC ME – Living my Soul Greatness


Design Your DREAM LIFE


  • DREAM LIFE Design
    + Assignment


Soul Mission AND Soulmate AND Self-Empowerment Channeling Coaching!

Special arrangement possible

Premium Channeling Coaching Program MODULE

€ 1.297,-

Special Offer in June 2022:

€ 997,-

incl. VAT (Germany)

IMPORTANT - Please read!

This SOUL PURPOSE ‚MAGIC ME‘ DREAM LIFE Premium Channeling Coaching Program changes your life!

As the creator of your life in the end it is always you who decides whether you want to accept and implement the information, whether you are ready to „jump“ for your success or not. To live your soul task means to be in 100% confidence to go your way, because then you will also receive the incredible support of the universe, which is really magical.

It is the same with the soul partner. Also for this you have to be ready to work on your self-worth to be ready for this special relationship. It is important that you do not wish for your soul mate out of lack and think only then you will be happy. You must love yourself, know your value and have clarity about what you really want, that is, know your needs, desires and goals, so that you can also accept this love. That is why it is important to work on your issues and free yourself from blockages or limiting belief patterns. 

Please do not be disappointed if it may take a little longer for your soul mate to come. Self-doubt can interrupt the connection and delay the coming together. In exceptional cases it can also be that the person does not dare to live this true love or that there is still something you have to do and learn first.

If you receive other answers than you had hoped for, remember, it is always for your good and often much more significant and in retrospect even much better than you can think and imagine now. Everything happens for your best. Maybe your soul task and BIG SOUL VISION and MISSION will scare you a bit at first, but don’t worry, this is normal. We have simply never seen ourselves in our true greatness until now.
To achieve the best possible result, you have to bring personal responsibility beforehand and be ready to work on yourself a lot during and after the session! You determine your success!

Names and designations that are transmitted during a channeling can differ, because it is not a naming or legal advice. A check on trademark law and spelling is done by you.

It can happen that your change will not please everyone. Often this happens out of fear of losing you, because you might forget them on your way to your true greatness.

Are you ready?


Please be so kind and fill out the application form. I will contact you for your

Your free get-to-know and clarity interview!


I am looking forward to you!

Live your uniqueness, you are a gift. The world need you NOW!


Annett Isie* Burmester

*my soul

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Your declaration of consent: I am aware that I myself am responsible for my actions and decisions, my success and process, as well as for my life and happiness. A channeling is a free, active and self-responsible spiritual process. I am also aware that the human being can decide differently than the soul, due to unconscious fears, blockages, beliefs etc. and this can turn out differently as I wish. Externals are open to interpretation and so I keep my generosity and openness to the surprises of the universe, because everything happens for my good. Names and designations transmitted during a channeling may differ. A check for trademark law and spelling is done by me. A channeling is not a naming, a legal advice or a medical consultation or, but a self-contained spiritual consultation.

DSGVO (General data protection regulation): Note to the contact form: I need your name to be able to address you and your email address to be able to answer you. The more precisely you make your request, the more effectively I can respond. Privacy Policy your request will be encrypted. You agree that I can use the information to answer your request. Further information on data protection and revocation information can be found in the menu under DATA PROTECTION (DATENSCHUTZ).

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