SOULMATE Channeling
– True Love –

Identify . Dating . Manifestation . Attraction

(Dual Soul & Twin Flame)

annett burmester

The shortcut to get to know

your Soulmate.


“This unique and true love will change your life!
It demands 100% trust and courage to open the heart, because it’s not
compareble with a “normal” love.
The Universal Laws of Attraction and Love apply here.”

Are you ready to believe in this magic?

Become a love magnet and gain clarity!

Find out who or if it’s yours Soulmate.

Date your Soulmate*!

*This also applies to HIM and HER.

For all who want’s to know it and

invest in themselves.

Let’s channel your Soulmate

ask all your questions and experience

unconditional love.

The new age makes it more and more possible,
that soulmates finally meet consciously!


Energetic Dating:


We connect with your Soulmate,

activate your soulmate love energy and

attract him more easily into your life!


You will also have the possibility to prepare yourself

for your soulmate and your happy & fulfilled soul relationship.


You will fall in love not only with him, but also

with yourself, the most precious thing in your life!

(Requirement for a fulfilling soul partnership)

A true SELF-ESTEEM Booster!

Your Soulmate Mr. Right

already exists!

 Each Soul has a Soulmate – 100% match.

(Dual Soul & Twin Flame)

Are you tired of being single, disappointed again and again

by Mr. Wrong or a usual dating agency?

Do you finally want “Mr. Right”, your soulmate, who loves you for who you are,

supports you in everything and doesn’t want to be without you anymore?

That very special person, who is meant for you to live

a fulfilled and happy relationship at eye level with?

I know it very well!

And Do you know what?

Your Soulmate longs

for you as well!

Video: Soulmate

Forget everything you have learned and

experienced about love and relationship.

What makes this true and deep love

with your Soulmate so special?

Can you imagine I was single for 20 years? It wasn’t that no man was interested in me, but somehow there was never the right one. Somehow I knew even as a little girl that there was a very special man waiting for me, my Mr. Right. Most people told me my claims were too high … Today I know that they were not. For each soul excist this special person who is meant for you, a soulmate!
At that time I didn’t know what an important role my self-love, self-esteem and mindset would play. This and to know wahr we really want is the key to experience that incredible love. Not to forget, as tough and successful business women we are used to “standing our ground”. Usually we know what we want, but not in love and to be honest, we can’t really let ourselves fall either. We have become control freaks over the years, but in love you can’t control anything. It’s all about trust!

On my journey to myself, which I started in Cape Town in 2007, I was allowed to learn the miracle of self-empowerment and free myself from limiting beliefs, thoughts and blockages … and my control freak. During my work on myself, my reflection and my newly discovered gift of being a channel, I dived more and more into the world of soulmates and soul realtionship. I prepared myself for this special love … I opened my heart, became love and more and more happier.

Soulmates do not go needy into a soul realationship. They are already happy, in order to become even more happier together. I.e. they do not need a partner to be happy or someone who makes them happy!

WOW! From an early age I had been right  that there is really a very special person for me to master life together with. The universe has given a soulmate to supoort us in our unfolding greatness and truthfulness. In fact, he is our biggest fan. It is such a deep love that we may experience when we meet this soul, a love on soul level that is very special because it is a love in freedom and on eye level. It is a love where we grow and mature, master our issues of life more easily and are allowed to live our common mission … where each can hardly wait to come home to be with the other again. It’s the perfect match because everyone gets to be who they are and be loved exactly for that, without stopping. Double WOW!

I have been living happily for over 10 years now with my MR. RIGHT together and I am engaged. Every day we fall in love more … I never thought something like this would be possible. It makes such a difference to love with a fully open heart and without fear … to be allowed to be as you are. I have arrived in love. You can too!

A soul realtionship of two soulmates is the absolute deepest, most intense, most all-encompassing, truest and most unconditional love you can ever experience.

Prepare yourself for your soulmate and your soul relatinship to be ready the he can finally come into your life. You will be able to accept, live and give this deep and true love, because you love yourself. Don’t panic, for this I have developed the Soulmate PLUS and Premium PROGRAM.

How can you get to know

your Soulmate?

By channeling your soulmate!

Thanks to my special gift as a channel I connect in a soulmate session with your soulmate MR. RIGHT. It makes it so special, because you can already ask him your questions and get to know him practically. I’m telling you about him. You will be able to recognize him immediately when he stands in front of you! In addition, we send your soulmate energy together with the universe. This has an attracting effect and will show him the way to you. He can come more easily into your life, when both of you are ready for this love. MEGA exciting!

PS: This session will also help you to find out if a person you know is already your soulmate and so much more.


annett burmester seelenpartner mr. right

Ready for the true love with your Soulmate?

Indulge yourself this wonderful SOULMATE Channeling-Coaching

and date your MR. RIGHT.

As a Soul Expert I connect with the soul of your soumate. I channel your wonderful soulmate “Mr. Right”. We talk about your previous relationships, desires and needs. My long experience of a happy soul realtionship will always flow into my advice. If you like, I will help you with your  preparation for your “Mr. Right”.

For this I have developed together with my soul and the universe 3 love magnet booster, so that you can live as soon as possible a fulfilling and happy realtionship with your soulmate.

Love Magnet Booster 01 – Soulmate Dating

Already in this session you will get to know your soulmate wich helps you to attract him more easily into your life incl. coaching and relationship tips.

Love Magnet Booster 02 + 03
incl. Channeling-Coaching-Mentoring

If you want to use my unique support in connection with your soul, soul of your soulmate and the universe incl. my “happy soul realtionship” expertise for your implementation to move forward faster and more targeted? I am happy to be there for you. In Booster 02 + 03 my mentoring support inclusive.

Mentorin Support for in between

You also have the possibility to book Love Magnet Booster 01 as Mentoring Support if you are already my customer and have completed one of these boosters. Just write me an email with the subject line “Mentoring Support Love” and your wish:

No matter which soulmate channeling coaching you choose, we always connect with the universe, your soul and your soulmate. The more intensive your soulmate channeling coaching is, the more you can achieve for you.

Your SOULMATE Dating Channeling-Coaching:

The most comprehensive SOULMATE Dating Channeling Coaching is the Power Premium Program Booster 03 incl. Mentoring Support.

  • Soulmate “Mr. Right”
  • Soul relationship “Dream of Relationship”
  • Manifestation
  • Soul connection
  • Soulmate Dating
  • Inner child & team meeting
  • Self-esteem-Mindset & let go of blockades (empower yourself)
  • Activation “Mr. Right”-Magnet (Soulmate-Love-Energie)
  • Self-esteem-Booster (greatness + potential + selflove)
  • Clarity
  • Probably future prospects*
  • Coaching-Exercises for deeper reflexion (Guide)
  • Email Support

My channeling cochings are always exclusive and individually tailored to you.

* The universe does not provide any information for the “Get-to-know period” to avoid stress and to give space to magic.


Attention: Flirt-Danger!

From my own experience and my clients I know that you will get a completely new charisma and attract many wonderful men just like that. A great time of flirting and confirmation of your atrraction begins.

This is how we do it …



Your Clarity Talk:

First of all we will have a clarity talk via Zoom for free to know each other. We decide what the best offer ist for you and if we want to work together. I also answer all your questions about the channeling session.

Please be so kind and fill out the application form (see below) and I will send you a Zoom-invitation.



Your Channeling-Coaching-Session or Program:

We manage your session via Zoom and you can receive an audio recording on request.

I will send you the link to our meeting in advance by email and this will lead you directly to our digital meeting room on Zoom.

Your session is only valid if you pay in advance. You can make the payment via PayPal (credit card) or by bank transfer. Of cause you will get an invoice.


Which Booster is yours?

SOULMATE Love Magnet Booster 01


SOULMATE Channeling
(Soulmate Dating)

25 Min. Session



€ 297,-

inkl. Taks (MwSt.)

In this session you will get to know your SOULMATE “Mr. Right” and manifest him. You can ask all your questions and I will tell you about him. In addition, we activate your soulmate love energy to attract him more easily into your life, the guide to you. You will experience a beautiful soulmate dating full of love!

+ Self-esteem-Booster
+ “Mr. Right”-Magnet
+ Manifestation
+ Coaching-Tipps
+ Clarity
+ p. Get-to-know period/future prospects


You want more time?


25 + 15 Min. Session

SOULMATE  Channeling
(Soulmate Dating)


€ 475,-

€ 397,-

inkl. Tax (MwSt.)

SOULMATE Love Magnet Booster 02

Session PLUS



SOULMATE Channeling-Coaching

25 Min. Session
+ 80 Min. Special Empower-Yourself-Session – Free your self from Blockades to get a self-esteem Mindset.




€ 997,-

inkl. Tax (MwSt.)

In this session PLUS you will get to know your SOULMATE “Mr. Right” and manifest him. You can ask all your questions and I will tell you about him. In addition, we activate your soulmate love energy to attract him more easily into your life, the guide to you. You will experience a beautiful soulmate dating full of love!

In an extra Empower-Yourself-Session we free you from hurts, inner blockades and limiting belief patterns so that you can live this true and unconditional love.

+ Self-esteem-Booster
+ “Mr. Right”-Magnet

+ Manifestation
+ Inner child & Team

+ Self-esteem-Mindset
+ Empowering
+ Clarity
+ p. Get-to-know period/future prospects

Your PLUS:

+ 1x 80 Min. Special Session EMPOWER YOURSELF

>> Special Session EMPOWER YOURSELF

SOULMATE Love Magnet Booster 03

Power Premium PROGRAMM


Your costom-made!

+++ Is no longer offered! +++

SOULMATE Channeling-Coaching Programm

25 Min. Session
+ 2x 90 Min. BIG Mentring Support Package
2 Coaching-Exercises
+ 1x Extra Mentoring-Session 30 Min.
+ Accompanying program Email Support (Modul 1-3)


€ 2.297,-

inkl. Tax (MwSt.)

In this session PLUS you will get to know your SOULMATE “Mr. Right” and manifest him. You can ask all your questions and I will tell you about him. In addition, we activate your soulmate love energy to attract more easily him into your life, the guide to you. You will experience a beautiful soulmate dating full of love!

In an extra Empower-Yourself-Session we free you from hurts, inner blockades and limiting belief patterns so that you can live this true and unconditional love.

You will also create your ideal soul relationship and receive 2 coaching exercises for deeper reflection.


1. Modul: Soulmate
2. Modul: Free and Empower Yourself
3. Modul: 
Soul relationship

Customized program creation from 3 sessions:

1. Modul: Soulmate Channeling + Coaching-Exercise
2. Modul:
Free yourself from blockades + Empower Yourself + Self-esteem Mindset + Coaching-Exercise
3. Modul: Setting and creating the ideal soul relationship and future vision


+  Email Support
Program accompanying (module 1-3) if you should have a question in between or want to coordinate something with me. (Mon.-Fri. within 24-48 hrs.)

+ 1x Extra Mentoring-Session 30 Min. redeem within a year

+ Soul relationship
+ Soul connection
+ Self-esteem-Booster
+ “Mr. Right”-Magnet
+ Manifestation
+ Inner child & Team
+ Self-esteem-Mindset
+ Empowering
+ Calrity
+ p. Get-to-know period/future prospects

+ Email Support
+ Excercises for a deeper reflexion (Guide)


This session changes your life!
You decide how much.

Ultimately, you always decide whether you want to accept and implement the information or not.  

If you want to check whether your current partner or another person you know is your Soulmate Mr. Right and the universe may deny this. It just means that it’s not the right person for you and that the universe has someone much more better for you, your soulmate. : )

Before your Soulmate Mr. Right can come into your life you have to be ready for it. You have to know your worth and  to be clear what you really want, i.e. know your needs, desires and goals. It applies also to be open-mindet for this deep love, to take action and to heal old pattern. Please do not be disappointed if it can take a little longer for your Soulmate to come, but be completely confident that he/she will come.

In order to achieve the best possible result, you have to take responsibility for yourself and to be willing to work on yourself during and after the sessions and the program! You determine your success! With my email support for the Premium Program, I support you with questions and coordination in between. This support is not a flat rate. As I said, personal responsibility is required here

It is also valid for your soulmate to open for this love and to come into action.

Names and terms that are transmitted during a channeling, has to be checked by you if necessary trademark and the correct spelling. It is not a legal advice and therefore it can also sometimes come to deviations.

Please don’t be disappointed if it may take a little bit longer for your soulmate to come. Self-doubt can interrupt the connection and delay the coming together. In exceptional cases it can also be that the human being does not dare to live this true love.

Are you ready to date your Soulmate?


Please fill out the application form and I will get back to you.

Your Clarity Talk for FREE!

I am looking forward to!

You are such a gift for the world. It’s time to shine.


Yours Annett Burmester

Application form for your SOULMATE Channeling

Which Session is yours?

What day is right for your clarity talk?

What time is right for your clarity talk?

Your declaration of consent: I am aware that I am responsible for my actions and decisions, my success and process, as well as for my life and happiness. Channeling is a free, active and self-responsible spiritual process. I am also aware that people can make different decisions than souls, because of unconscious fears, blockages and limiting beliefs, etc. This is why it can turn out differently than I would like. Names and designations that are transmitted during a channeling may differ. A check for trademark law and spelling is done by me. A Channeling is not a naming, legal or specialist advice, it’s a spiritual advice.

DSGVO (General data protection regulation): Note to the contact form: I need your name to be able to address you and your email address to be able to answer you. The more precisely you make your request, the more effectively I can respond. Privacy Policy your request will be encrypted. You agree that I can use the information to answer your request. Further information on data protection and revocation information can be found in the menu under DATA PROTECTION (DATENSCHUTZ).

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