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Dual Soul . Twin Flame

Attract . Identify . Clarity

Annett Burmester

Learn everything
about your soulmate
and your true love.

Spiritual dating, confirmation and clarification.
Meet energetically soulmate MR. RIGHT* (100% match)
and get your answers.

*Misses Right

Soulmate love is different!

This unique and true love
will change your life complete!

This love demands 100% trust and
courage to open the heart.
It cannot be compared with any
“normal” love.

Self-love is elementary in order
to accept this love and live it in freedom.

Here applies the law of attraction
and vibration (frequency) … mirroring.

In this partnership at eye level you
grow, mature and change, work on your
themes to heal.

It is not a relationship where you bend the
other person the way you want them to be.

A mastery of your uniqueness.

Soulmates make happy, because
they are already happy. They know that they
are responsible for their own happiness.

Ready for true love?

Let’s talk!
Open your heart, gain clarity and find out
who or if it is already your soulmate.



Your Soulmate!

Let’s channel your soulmate,
ask your questions, understand
and fall in love!

We are looking forward to
your LOVE Story!

Love in

The New Age makes it more and more possible for
soulmates to finally meet consciously!

For you
as an independent leader
of the new age,
who wants to invest in herself
and her happiness!

You are already together?

And want to build up your happy
soulmate relationship together?

Sorry, not available for booking
at the moment.

*Energetic dating:

We connect with your soulmate,
communicate and activate your
soulmate-love-energy (power of attraction).

You will get an Imagination-Proof!

Here you will be understood!


Your soulmate
is already here!

 Every soul has a soulmate,
also for YOU, your 100% match.

(Dual Soul & Twin Flame)

You don’t want to be single anymore and to be disappointed again by Mr. Wrong? You finally want your MR. RIGHT, your soulmate, who loves you the way you are and doesn’t want to be without you anymore?

You want to know if it is him, the very special person who is destined for you or get to know him already, this wonderful soul with whom you live a fulfilled and happy partnership at eye level, without ego?

A love that is so deep and true and will turn everything upside down that you have ever experienced, lived or even learned about love so far?

Finally love happily, because you are allowed to live your desires and needs confidently and allow yourself more and more to be yourself with all your vulnerability? Where you both are allowed to do just that, grow and mature, work on your issues to master them, to change?

Are you ready to engage with this intense love of freedom at the soul level and to prepare yourself to live it?

Even if, you respectively you both experience your biggest challenge ever, because you are challenged so extremely, that it is hardly bearable, because of the mirrors, that you show each other???


If you say: “YES I WILL!”

Let’s channel your soulmate.

Maybe you already know your soulmate, want certainty and clarity whether it is him and how it goes on with you?

> Soulmate-CHECK

We’ll get the answer!

Or do you just want to tell me your story,
need an assessment or even advice?

Let’s do it!

And I can already tell you this:

Your soulmate is also
longing for you!

… even if he may not yet dare to show it to the outside world.

Video: Soulmate

Forget “almost everything” you have experienced and learned so far about love and relationship.

Soulmate partnership is a partnership on eye level and love in freedom.

What makes this true and deep soulmate love so special?

I’ll tell you about it with my LOVE story:

Read my soulmate LOVE story

Can you imagine that I was a single for 20 years? It wasn’t that no man was interested in me, but there was never the right one. Somehow I knew already as a little girl, there is a very special man waiting for me, my MR. RIGHT. Many thought my demands were too high … today I know that they were not, because for every soul there is this special person who is meant for you, a soulmate!

It does not matter what others say, who have not yet experienced this true love of a soulmate. They do not know what it is like!

At that time, I didn’t know how important self-love, self-worth and mindset work would be. It is only when we love ourselves, know our worth and what we really want, we can accept and experience this incredibly true and deep love.
Not to forget, as a tough and successful business women, we are used to “standing our ground” and knowing what we want, but in love, in comparison, we find it rather difficult and if we’re being honest, so do we really drop it. We have become control freaks over the years, but in love you can not control anything, it’s all about trust and devotion, so I also put that down.

On my journey to myself, which I started in Cape Town in 2007, I was allowed to learn the miracle of self-empowerment and free myself from limiting beliefs, thoughts and blockages. During my work on myself, my reflection and my newly discovered gift of being a channel, I dived more and more into the world of soulmates and soul partnership. I prepared myself for this special love … I opened my heart, became love and happier.

Usuly soulmate do not look for a soul partnership because of neediness. They are already happy and want to become happier together … they want to grow and mature. I.e. they do not need a partner to be happy or someone who makes them happy! But if you are needy, he will show you the mirrow. Not to hurt you, but to give you the chance to change!

For now more than 10 years I live happily with my MR. RIGHT together and am engaged. Every day we fall more in love …. I never thought something like this was possible. It makes such a difference to have your heart fully open without fear and just love …. to be allowed to be as you are.

I have arrived in love and you can do that too!

A soul partnership of two soulmates is the absolutely deepest, most intense, most all-encompassing, truest and most unconditional love you can ever experience.

Make sure to be prepare and ready for your soulmate and your soul partnership, because it will make it much easier for him to come into your life. You will also be able to accept, live and give this deep and true love because you love yourself. Don’t panic, that’s why I developed my Session PLUS and also my Mentoring Session to support you in this.

A soulmate partnership it not a “Mikey Mouse” partnerschip, it’s a partnership to grow and live true love!

This is how you get to know your soul mate and figured out,
if it is him or understand what is going on:

Thanks to my special psychic gift I connect with the soul of your soulmate MR. RIGHT. The special thing about this soulmate channeling is, you can already get to know him, if not yet done and ask him all your questions. You will be able to recognize him better when he stands in front of you or just have certainty that it is him.
Also, together with the Universe, we send out your soulmate love energy. It has an attracting or supporting effect, depending on what you need to come together at the right time, when you are both ready for this love and have the courage to live this incredible and true love.
If you already know him, we will find out in this way if he is and how it will go on with you, or what is going on there and needed, the soulmate CHECK.


annett burmester seelenpartner mr. right


Are your ready
for true love
with your soulmate

Let’s do it!

Your SOULMATE Premium* Channeling Coaching
incl. Love Story Talk and Consultation:


01 Session:

In this session you will get to know your soulmate or check if it’s him. You can ask all your questions and will get answers. In addition, we activate your love energy to draw him easier into your life or to support him incl. tips and advice.


  • Soulmate MR. RIGHT
  • Soulmate CHECK
  • Soulmate Relationship
  • Manifestation
  • Soul Connection
  • Soulmate Dating
  • Activation Soulmate-Love-Energy (Love-Magnet)
  • Self-Love + Self-Esteem- + Self-Worth-Booster (Uniqueness)
  • Clarity
  • Imagination-Proof + Self-Image-Booster
  • Next Steps (Action Plan)
  • Expected Future Prospects**
  • Over 10 Years Soulmate- and Soul Partnership Expert & Coach
  • Coaching, Tips and Consultation


02 Session PLUS

The Session PLUS includes, in addition to your Soulmate Premium Channeling Coaching you will get my EMPOWER YOURSELF Special Channeling. A Session where we free your potential from inner blockades and limiting belief patterns for your success in love and so much more …. a true self-love, self-esteem and self-worth booster. You will empower yourself and create your success mindset for your transformation to your true YOU. >> EMPOWER YOURSELF Special Channeling

You can also book my EMPOWER YOURSELF Special Channeling separate.


03 Session MENTORING

This session is a mentoring (Premium Channling Coaching, Love Story Talk and Consultation) where I support you with your soulmate issues including soul partnership, your preparation and clarity. Of course I am also connect with the souls.
In addition, my mentoring is also always a self-love, self-esteem and self-worth booster, for the strengthening of your self-confidence and self-assurance, because you need that for your attraction and happy soul partnership. The more you love yourself, the faster your soulmate can come into your life or your true love of happy soul partnership can be lived.

If you are already my customer, just send me an email with subject “MENTORING love” and your request to

*My Premium Channeling-Coachings incl. Love Story Talk and Consultation are always exclusively and individually tailored to you, because you are a unique soul.

**Expected Future Prospects: The universe leaves the getting-to-know-you period open to avoid stress and give room to love magic.


Flirty charisma!

From my own experience I know that you will get a completely new charisma and attract many wonderful men just like that. A great time of flirting and confirmation begins.

And this is how it works …



Your get-to-know-you and clarity talk:

First, we have a free get-to-know-you and clarity talk (first interview) via Zoom to get to know each other. We decide what is the best offer for you and if we want to work together. I will also answer all your questions about the process of your Premium Channeling Coaching.

Please be so kind and fill out the application form (see below).



Your Premium Channeling-Coaching incl. Love Story Talk and Consultation:

Your Session(s) we lead via Zoom and you will receive an audio recording on request.


I will send you the zoom-invitation link to our meeting in advance by mail and it will lead you directly to our digital meeting.
Your Premium Channeling-Coaching incl. Love Story Talk and Consulation is only valid with prior payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Of course you will receive an invoice.

Which channeling is yours?




SOULMATE Premium Channeling Coaching

25 Min. Session



€ 297,-

incl. VAT (Germany)


In this intensive and exclusive SOULMATE session you will get to know your Soulmate MR. RIGHT and manifest him. You can ask all your questions and I will tell you about him. In addition, we activate your Soulmate-Love-Energy to attract him more easily into your life, the guide to you. You will experience a wonderful soulmate dating full of love! You will get an Imagination-Proof.

If you already know your soul mate, we will find out if it is him and what is going on or what is needed and how it goes on with you incl. Soulmate CHECK.


You want more time?


25 + 15 Min. Session

SOULMATE  Premium Channeling Channeling



€ 497,-

€ 397,-

incl. VAT (Germany)

SOULMATE + Empower Yourself

Session PLUS

(2 Sessions)



Channeling Coaching

25 Min. Session

(s. Soulmate Session)



Your PLUS:

+ 80 Min. Session


€ 1.297,-

€ 997,-

incl. VAT (Germany)


With this intensive and exclusive special EMPOWER YOURSELF session you free yourself from blockages, limiting beliefs and negative emotions of the past to be able to live true love. You gain self-confidence and self-assurance, recognize your potential and strengthen your self-worth. This is elementary for a fulfilling and happy soul partnership at eye level – a true self-love, self-esteem and self-worth booster. You empower yourself and create a success mindset for your transformation to your true and wonderful YOU.

>> EMPOWER YOURSELF Special Channeling

SOULMATE Mentoring



SOULMATE MENTORING Premium Channeling Coaching

50 Min. Session




€ 497,-

incl. VAT (Germany)


You finally want to talk to a like-minded soulmate expert about your current soulmate situation, your love story, the next steps and expected future prospects?

You need me as a mentor, my advice and assessment, my gift as a channel, my 11 years of soulmate experience and my knowledge as a soulmate and happy soul partnership expert and coach? Maybe also for your preparation incl. self-esteem booster, for more self-confidence and self-assurance for the stabilization of your self-love, elementary for your love and happy soul partnership?

Then book your intensive and exclusive Soulmate MENTORING Premium Channeling Coaching.

IMPORTANT - Please read!

This SOULMATE Premium Channeling Coaching incl. Love Story Talk and Consultation changes your life! How much, you decide. Ultimately, you always decide whether and how you want to accept and implement the information or not.

If you want to check if your current partner or honey is your MR. RIGHT, it can be possible that the universe denies this. What just means that it is just not the right person for you and that your soul has something much better in mind for you.

Before your soulmate comes into your life, however, you must be ready for it, because otherwise the start of your love can be very difficult. It is important that you do not wish your soulmate out of lack and think only then you will be happy. You must love yourself, know your value and have clarity about what you really want, that is, know your needs, desires and goals, so that you can also accept this love. That is why it is important to work on your issues and free yourself from blockages or limiting belief patterns. 

In order to achieve the best possible result, you have to bring personal responsibility (self-responsibility) beforehand and be willing to work on yourself a lot during and after the sessions! You determine your success!

Also for your soulmate it is valid to be open for this love and to come into action.

Names and designations that are transmitted during a channeling may difference, because it is not about naming. A check on trademark law and spelling is done by yourself. This is not legal advice.

Please do not be disappointed if your soulmate may take a little longer to arrive. Self-doubt can break the connection and delay the coming together. In exceptional cases it can also be that the human does not dare to live this true love or that there is still something you have to do and learn first.

Are you ready?


Then please be so kind and fill out the application form. I will contact you for your

Your free get-to-know and clarity interview!


I am looking forward to you!

Live your uniqueness, you are a gift.


Annett Isie* Burmester

*my soul

Application form for your SOULMATE

Which Premium Channeling Coaching is yours?

Which day suits you for your clarity talk?

What time suits you for your clarity talk?

Your declaration of consent: I am aware that I myself am responsible for my actions and decisions, my success and process, as well as for my life and happiness. A channeling is a free, active and self-responsible spiritual process. I am also aware that the human being can decide differently than the soul, due to unconscious fears, blockages, beliefs etc. and this can turn out differently as I wish. Externals are open to interpretation and so I keep my generosity and openness to the surprises of the universe, because everything happens for my good. Names and designations transmitted during a channeling may differ. A check for trademark law and spelling is done by me. A channeling is not a naming, a legal advice or a medical consultation or, but a self-contained spiritual consultation.

DSGVO (General data protection regulation): Note to the contact form: I need your name to be able to address you and your email address to be able to answer you. The more precisely you make your request, the more effectively I can respond. Privacy Policy your request will be encrypted. You agree that I can use the information to answer your request. Further information on data protection and revocation information can be found in the menu under DATA PROTECTION (DATENSCHUTZ).

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